High Definition Equipment.
Why use new technology like high definition to remaster your old film?  8mm film has approximately 800 lines of detail.  That’s almost twice what standard definition offers.  Our HD cameras can capture the full spectrum of detail from your celluloid.  
You’ll appreciate the difference.

For a detailed discussion about our services, to obtain a DVD demo, or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

Techniques That Make the Difference. 
Inverse telecine, color correction, exposure adjustment-- these are a few terms we throw around like so much confetti at C&E.  We’ve figured out what works the best, what looks the best, what’s the most fun to watch.  Our personal touch will make your videos the very best they can be.

Video by Chris & Emily

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Music That Makes Sense.  
A major chain that converts your movies to DVD will use royalty-free “elevator music.”  A DVD conversion from C&E will contain music you actually like-- you choose it, either by supplying the tunes with your home movies or telling us which ones to use (fees apply).  We can also choose music for you if you give us an idea of what you like.