Hi Chris and Emily,


We loved our video. I could barely wait for Fred to get home from work to watch it. I gave a copy to my parents and a copy to Fred's mom. They loved it too. After the wedding I received so many compliments on how you were all over the place taping everything. Everyone couldn't wait to see the video. It really captured the day. It was exactly how I remembered it. It will be great to have this video for years to come.

When we first started planning the wedding and were trying to figure out a budget, videography was something everyone told us to cut but you guys made it affordable. Choosing Video by Chris and Emily as our videographer was the best decision we made. You were so easy to work with. Very professional and made the whole process worry-free. Thank you so much for everything. We are really grateful to have had you as our wedding videographer. Thanks again!


Megan and Fred Hernandez

Chris and Emily,


We received the video and we LOVE it.  You captured the day perfectly and we are thrilled with the results.  I watched it three times on Saturday alone!  Thank you so much for your expertise.

 It was a thrill for me to see Kelsey and Sean’s faces as they watched the video.  As a bride and groom, so much is going on that the entire scope of the celebration can’t be appreciated.  The video you created allowed them to relive their special day and to experience their wedding day from a different perspective.  Thank God you got all of Father Jude’s wonderful comments and Kelsey’s reactions. 

Our favorite shot of all time, still or otherwise, is on your video.  We are thrilled that you photographed Kelsey and Sean coming out of the church from a lower angle.  From this angle we could see the guests looking at them,  and the expanse of Kelsey’s dress and train.  Love the picture of Kelsey in slow motion looking to the left side.  I am going to try to capture this shot as a single frame.  Priceless!!!

The reception was great.  Dave and I loved several things about reception part of the video.  We, of course, liked the views of the venue and of the food.  But what we found special was the way you created the dancing shots.  The slow motion starting with my niece on my brother’s shoulders as the central focus and going out from that point was very creative.  We also love the shots of my family grabbing Sean and dancing around him. 

Chris and Emily , we are thrilled with your work and would be willing to be a reference for your business.  I hope you have someone equally as talented and professional when you get married.


Theresa Huke

Hi Chris and Emily!

Kristan Roehrs Flynn here;

Wanted to let you know how awesome the video of our wedding was! Thank you! Very much!


Kristan (and Tyler) Flynn

Chris and Emily,

Thank you so much!  We loved the video.  In fact, we were just talking about your team with friends on Saturday night who are getting married in September.  They may be calling you :-)  Not sure if you have any openings, but I must say that the video was some of the most well spent money!


Thanks for everything - I am sure we will watch the video for many years to come.


Jeanne Ellis McCabe

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