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Wedding Video Price Packages
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Basic Package Event Video ($1799)Morning_Of.htmlInterview.html10Minute.htmlMusical_Recap.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1shapeimage_13_link_2shapeimage_13_link_3

A Photo Presentation (Click for Example), or “slideshow” of favorite memories and childhood photos, can be made to be shown at your reception or exclusively for your DVD.  Rest assured that any slideshow presented at your reception will be included in your finished product.  We have developed some truly impressive new techniques for 2011-- check out the photo presentation here for a preview.

Personal Messages (Click for Example)

Messages from friends and family are included throughout the reception portion of your day.  This is a very popular option that adds to the fun of watching.

Alternate Delivery (Click for Example)

For the more high-end and tech-savvy.  In addition to your DVD, have a version of your wedding to play on your mobile or net-enabled device.  iPhone, iPod and Apple TV are a few of the available options.

All major events, beginning with the ceremony through to the end of the evening, captured in High Definition by 2 or more cameras for the best possible picture and sound.  We wrap up on most occasions around 11pm.  (Additional fees may apply for filming that runs past midnight.)  
All editing, audio enhancement, color correction and grading.  Music may be incorporated at the editor’s discretion for a slick, enjoyable presentation.
Three copies on custom-printed DVD, with chapter markers to allow easy navigation with the “next” and “back” buttons.  (Basic package DVDs do not include menus.)  DVDs are professionally printed and packaged.
One feature from the Silver menu at no additional charge.  
Create a well-rounded video without breaking the bank.
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 The “Morning of” Feature (Click for Example) 
Provides a cameraman to follow each participant as they get ready for their big day.  This would include any pre-event activities, including photo shoots.
 The Pre-Event Interview (Click for Example)
This is a quiet interview done at your home, typically a week or so before the big day.  This is an excellent alternative to the “morning of” feature as an introduction to your wedding.  
The “Ten-Minute Day” (Click for Example) 
All your day’s best moments, put together in a highlight reel lasting roughly ten minutes.  Perfect for showing friends and family over the holidays. 
 Musical Recaps (Click for Example)
A Musical Recap is essentially a music video of your day, set to the music and tone of your event. 
Blu-Ray Discs 
are the cutting edge format for high-definition video on an HDTV.  If you choose this option, 3 Blu-Ray discs will be provided in addition to the original three DVDs.  
Outtakes/ Raw Footage 
The best footage will already be in the “Basic Package” DVD, but if you’re a completist, this is for you.Contact.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0

Video by Chris and Emily, based out of Pittsburgh, PA, offers professional wedding and event videography services to Pittsburgh, the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.  We have been videographers for over ten years and can offer a variety of styles to suit your needs-- cinematic, journalistic, etc.  We also offer a number of additional services including photo archiving and restoration, as well as digital video restoration and archiving for home movies and aging intellectual properties (currently supported formats are vhs, super vhs, 8mm and super-8 film, 8mm tape, dv, digital8, DVD and blu-ray).

A Second and Third Camera operator can be provided if you wish.  Additional cameramen can focus on coverage of your guests during the service and provide additional perspectives during your reception.

Contact us directly to find out about our wedding video prices, packages and other services.
Personal Messages (Click for Example) 
Messages from friends and family are included throughout the reception portion of your day.  This is a very popular option that adds to the fun of watching.Home.htmlTestimonials.html

Custom prices are based on YOUR needs!

  1. Half Day/ Raw Footage under $1000

  2. Complete 2-cam videos under $1800

  3. “Kitchen Sink” packages under $3500

 Full-Feature DVDs include custom-made menus to make scene selection and access to special features easy.  This is a feature that will truly impress!Contact.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0

Aerial “Drone” Camera operator can take your wedding day to the skies! Get cinema-style, wild, creative video and photos you’ve never dreamed of.

Video by Chris & Emily is located in Pittsburgh, PA, offering wedding videos and other services.
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