Video by Chris & Emily

Video by Chris & Emily can take your shoeboxes full of old memories and bring them back to life.  And we do it well, with vivid colors, titles and music that you can choose.  Prices start at just $200.

Super 8 is back.

(And so is standard 8mm, VHS, Hi-8... :)

Available Features

  1.   Format conversions from virtually any format to DVD or Blu-ray.

  2.   Photo montages combine your stills with music-- an excellent gift.

  3.   Video editing to wrap several old tapes into one searchable DVD.

  4.   Full DVD menus make finding your favorite moments easy. 

  5.   Harness the power of Blu-ray media to put up to 40hrs* of standard-definition home movies on one disc.

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*40-hour estimate based on 2mbps video bitrate. 

For estimates or demos, contact us using the form below.

Video by Chris & Emily can convert your home movies, slides and photos to a DVD and Blu Ray Disc that will last for ages.  We can convert 8mm, super 8 film, VHS, S-VHS, DV cassettes,  slides, you name it.  We are located in West Chester, PA and serve New Jersy, Delaware, Pennsylvania.  Also Pittsburgh, Allentown, Lehigh Valley, King of Prussia, Exton, Coatsville.

Copyright Video by Chris & Emily.  P.O. Box 3005, West Chester, PA 19381